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END-OF-LABORATORY AND TEST SYSTEM FOR: Single-phase and Three-phase Electric MOTORS EN 60034.1 compliant



MQC - Motors Quality System is a modular solution that can be upgraded and customized according to Customer check & test needs.

Test of:
  • Different speed Single-phase Motors

  • Three-phase motor up to 80 kVA

       and power supply up to 700 V

  • D.C. Motor

  • Stepping Motor

  • Brake Motor

  • Inverter controlled Motor

  • Compressor Motor

  • Lawn-mower Motor

  • Actuator Motor


Functional Specifications 


  • Self-diagnosis

  • Earth conductor check

  • Dielectric strenght

  • Insulation resistance

  • Powered by motor regulator or Electronic Variac (from 1,5 to 80 KVA)

  • Start test with programmable reduced-voltage

  • Operational check including: Voltage Measurement, Power dissipation, Power consumption and Phase-shift reading

Customization Examples
Main benefits


  • Windings Ohmic test, partial discharge check and surge test

  • Current transient analisys while starting the motor

  • Reading and Check Pressure, Vacuum, Flow and Micro-losses parameters

  • Check Speed, Rotation and Vibration parameters

  • Running-in function activation

  • Installed load 1,5-80 KVA single/three-phase 50/60 Hz system generated

  • Automatic Capacitor Capacitance selection (0,5-126 µF)

  • Test time reduction

  • Flexibility

  • Easy to program

  • Different customizations available, including: - Possibility to increase the number of tests - Tested product traceability - Prime components traceability - Bar code reading - Non electrical fault detection

The high level of customization is key to designing, building and sizing each device, according to the real Customer needs.

If you need more info, a quotation or a customized offer, just fill in the form below. We'll get in touch with you soon, giving all the assistance you may need.

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